Friday, July 30, 2010

Testimonials - Our Time (1.5 to 3 yrs old)

Jean Hann (2 years old) & Mummy Kym.
Joined Kindermusik@Clover at 1 years old.

I signed up for more than 3 semesters of Kindermusik classes with Clover Learning Centre because I can see the effectiveness of the course in a longer period of time.

Changes that I see in her.
I observe Hann Hann's sense of rhythm has improved and she is very responsive to music, especially to the Kindermusik "Hello" and "Goodbye" songs. She is also more sociable and disciplined than before. Hann Hann enjoys herself in the "Our Time" curriculum especially during the story-telling time. She enjoys me telling her stories at home now.

As a parent, I have benefited too as I learn about the creative and fun methods in instilling discipline in my child and also learn more creative ways to bond with her through music or other Kindermusik activties.

More testimonials to be posted soon, keep track of us...

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