Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pre-Holiday Kindermusik Adventure Program for 1.5 to 3 Year-Olds

Your toddler and the train make a natural match - always on the move. Bring your own stuff animal for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for the polar bear paws, make craft and more. Sing songs for clapping time and use music to help children regulate emotions.

** Early Birds Enjoy 10% Discount on Lesson Fee**
Last Enrollment Date for Early Birds: 11 October 2010 (Saturday)

Lesson Dates: 30 Oct, 9*, 13, 20, 27 Nov (Total of 4 sessions on Saturdays & 1 session on Tuesday)

Lesson Time (Choose a class):
Class 1 - 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Class 2 - 11.20 a.m. to 12.20 p.m.
*For 9 Nov class (Lesson 2), choose between:
Class 1 - 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Class 2 - 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Last Enrollment Date: 20 Oct 2010 (Wednesday)

Lesson Fee: Contact us at or +6012-7063230 for Lesson Fee
Material Fee: RM 145.00
What your child will get:

1. Hardcover book
2. Funky chunky animal shaker - in elephant or giraffe shapes
3. Home CD includes the slip-in lyric book
4. Certified & Experienced Kindermusik Educator conducting the class.
5. Fun & Exciting learning environment.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindermusik Class for 0 to 18 months old!

ENROLL NOW for 18 Sep Intake
to avoid any disappointment!

The musical poems of Woody Gurthrie, bird songs and the naturally occurring sounds in nature help babies develop an early appreciation -- and accelerated aptitude -- for language, movement, and music in the class.

Your Home Materials (Imported from U.S.A.)

1. CD featuring songs from class.

2. Kindermusik Chime Ball

3. A picture board book (non-toxic) featuring the birds and their vocal sounds for vocal play.

4. A set of Art banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.

Lesson Start Date: 18 Sep 2010 (Saturday)

Lesson End Date: 20 Nov 2010 (Saturday)

Lesson Days: Once a week on Saturday (8 lessons)

Lesson Time: 10.15 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. (45 minutes lesson)

LAST ENROLLMENT DATE: 4 Sep 2010 (Saturday)

For further enquiries and details, please email us at


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Annual Kindermusician Workshop- Orff Shulwerk

I have always looked forward to the Annual Kindermusik workshop. Although this means we have to put aside our work and family for 3 whole days, and going back to the reality right after the training, it is always refreshing despite the tiredness.
Trying to remember it as long as I can what we have been taught in the 3 days is something that is very hard for me too. Especially when I am expecting now. However, this year is the best year that I think the workshop has suited me. Very, very well-written notes by Ginette really helps me to concentrate more on the practical of the workshop than requires me to jot down the notes by myself. Thank you Ginette, you are the best!

This workshop has opened my eyes to the work of Orff Shulwerk, and how PROCESS always matters more than results. The pedagogy is so step-by-step that I feel it is easy for the young children to perform a complicated work in a simple way!

Shirin, our other Kindermusik@Clover educator, has also enjoyed it very much!

Our group project -- coming up with a performance on instruments and entertainment within 2 hours, is never a tough task for great Kindermusician!
This is our dear Ginette. Being a friend, colleague and trainer, she has shown her patience and competencies to help us reach to another level. Love you Ginette!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Testimonials - Our Time (1.5 to 3 yrs old)

Jean Hann (2 years old) & Mummy Kym.
Joined Kindermusik@Clover at 1 years old.

I signed up for more than 3 semesters of Kindermusik classes with Clover Learning Centre because I can see the effectiveness of the course in a longer period of time.

Changes that I see in her.
I observe Hann Hann's sense of rhythm has improved and she is very responsive to music, especially to the Kindermusik "Hello" and "Goodbye" songs. She is also more sociable and disciplined than before. Hann Hann enjoys herself in the "Our Time" curriculum especially during the story-telling time. She enjoys me telling her stories at home now.

As a parent, I have benefited too as I learn about the creative and fun methods in instilling discipline in my child and also learn more creative ways to bond with her through music or other Kindermusik activties.

More testimonials to be posted soon, keep track of us...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Testimonials - Village (0 - 18 mths old)

Joya (20 months old) & Mommy Joanne
Joined Kindermusi@Clover at 12 months old.

After the 1st semester I could tell that my baby is happier. She really likes the class. Being the only baby at home, she is lack of playmate. But now she can have more intercation with her baby friends and parents. Besides that, I can have more activities to do with her at home.

Changes that I see in my baby.
I sing and play different kinds of music to my baby everyday since she was born. She smiled and clap her hands if she liked the songs. After joining the class, she can respond more with swaying her body, rolling her hands, tapping her feet, etc. She even hummed when she heard me singing songs that she is familiar with.

I have benefited from the Kindermusik lessons too!
I have learned a lot of information about my baby. E.g., her emotional changes, her physical development. This is necessary for me especially as a first-time mother. I have made friends with other mothers too :). My baby and I really enjoy the music and the group interaction, as well as the Kindermusik Educator who is so caring, patient and fun!


Sean (16 months old) & Mummy Rebecca.
Joined Kindermusik@Clover at 9 months old.

Both Sean and I enjoy our Kindermusik lessons immensely - singing, dancing and learning through music and play in a fun-filled community. We look forward to the sessions each week, as well as playing with the wide range of musical instruments made for little hands. I also like the fact that classes are relaxed and nothing is forced, the children are allowed to develop and explore at their own pace.

Kindermusik has helped Sean to develop an appreciation of music. Whenever he hears a piece of music that he knows or likes, he starts dancing to the beat and clapping his hands. I think it's wonderful that Kindermusik exposes him to music from different parts of the world as well as to different genres (from folk to classical to jazz and more).
I have definitely benefited from the lessons and I make use of the Kindermusik CDs very often at home. Our educator is very informative and helpfl, and I have enjoyed learning about the various theories. I'm glad that I've learnt how to get my son to help clear up his toys (still a work in progress:))

I love music and I'm so happy that Sean has developed an interest as well in music at such a young age. There are not many playgroups in Johor Bahru or places catered towards babies and toddlers, so I'm really grateful for Kindermusik.


Abbe (17 months old) & Mummy Eunice.
Joined Kindermusik@Clover at 5 months old.

After the attending the lessons for the 1st semester with my son, I could see the effect of Kindermusik on him as he seems more sensitive towards music. This made me signed up for 3 more semesters at one go.

Changes that I see in Abbe.
I can feel his eyes sing once he listens to pop songs and he can dance according to the music beat. He also enjoys playing instruments alone by himself.

I benefited from the classes as a parent too!
I learn to enjoy music together with my son, and also learn how to make use of music to teach him to cool down his temper sometimes.

More testimonials to be posted soon, keep track of us...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The lil' musicians at Parents Morning 2009

The children at our centre performed at the Parents Morning 2009 (November). They showcased what they had learned throughout the year in their ABC Music & Me (created by Kindermusik) lessons.

The 2 to 4 year-olds were much easier to manage than the 4 to 6 year-olds. The younger ones followed instructions and developed great listening skills throughout the course and ta-da! They were perfect during their performance of pretending to be little Robins searching for food by following the musical cues. This was a great achievement for the children! I was so proud of them. Some parents feedbacked it was a great success!

Also thanks to the teachers who took great pain in sewing all the sequins for the wings and bibs!

The little Robins woke up as they heard the cues for the Sun to come out.

They started flying high upon hearing the ascending sounds of the bells and gradually flying low upon hearing the descending sounds of the bells.

The little Robins started to hop on the ground to look for food when they heard the staccato notes.

The 4 to 6-year olds were usually over-excited during their ABC Music & Me classes that they were harder to manage. They told me they loved the lessons so much that they started dancing non-stop even though I asked them to stop. I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I heard this. I wanted them to develop listening skill, so it really took me about 6 to 8 months to really know how to manage them.

Nevertheless, they were a lovely bunch. During the practice sessions for the Parents Morning, they cooperated. No one made any fuss when they were asked to be fixed to just one type of instrument being assigned to them. They were able to do the call-and-response rhthym using the drum and the sticks and play their little instruments in an ensemble. Bravo! I was also thanking god that I could take the role of the conductor due to my school-day experience of being a student conductor in the Chinese Orchestra! So what I did when I was young really came into handy.

Oscar playing the drum to the rhythm of tas and ti-tis. The other children responded to his drum rhythm by playing their sticks. Hence, the results were the sticks being the echoes of the drum.

During an ensemble to the Twinkle Dance, they really exercised their steady beats with their instruments. Zhi Hui, Oscar, Uma and Kareena played the major part of the music, Jia Jun, Jeslyn and Royce played the minor part. They all played in unison at the last part of the music.

They were not nervous at all with the spotlights on them! I love them all.